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What to Expect

At Pitman Church, we understand that some people have had negative experiences with the church or may be afraid to attend a service. We want you to know that we welcome EVERYONE with open arms, no matter what your past is. We believe in creating a safe and loving environment where you can explore your relationship with God. To help with any possible discomfort we have included a general order of service below. Though we never follow it perfectly it may help you know what to expect during your time with us. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the loving, supportive community in Pitman. Remember God does love you and we hope to see you someday soon.

What to Expect
Service Order

Announcement Slides:

These announcement slides will run just before the service starts. They will show various opportunities and ministries that we have available. These slides will also help you to better understand our Pitman culture and community.


Usually the service will start with a brief media clip and a welcome from our pastor.

Song of Praise:

This will usually be an upbeat or newer praise song that the congregation will sing together.

Greeting Time:

This is a small and unique time of connecting with one another. You can say hello to your neighbor, leave your seat and shake hands with others or just sit tight and people will come to you.

Announcements/ Prayers/Praise:

One or two announcements will be highlighted here. The pastor will ask the congregation for positive "God moments" and requests for prayer to share .


This is where we will worship God in song. This will be a mix of hymns and praise music. Hymnals will be in pew in front of you or you can follow along on screen.

Offering & Thanks:

This is a quick prayer of thanks for the offering taken and a blessing over those that give. you are welcome to give if you wish but as a guest you do not have to.

Children's Message:

Children will be welcomed to come upfront for a special message just for them. This teaching usually coincides somehow with the sermon to follow.

Scripture Pledge:

This is a quick pledge of promise toward God's Holy Scriptures. Bibles and cell phones will be held aloft and we speak a commitment to it and ask God to help us better understand it.


Here our pastor will divide the Word for the day and apply it to our lives. The message is always Biblical, challenging and points us towards Truth.

Thanks to God:

This is a beautiful closing song of thanks to God. The whole congregation will sing this together in agreement and unity.

Blessing & Close:

Our pastor will give a final blessing, challenge and/or prayer to close off the service.


Service Order

Locations/Service Times

st pauls.jpg
St. Paul's E.C. Church

165 Ridge Rd.

Pitman, PA 17964​

8:45 Worship

9:50 Sunday School

Zion Church adjusted.jpg
Zion E.C. Church

247 Zion Church Rd.

Pitman, PA 17964

9:00 Sunday School

10:00 Worship

Loation/Service Times
Request Prayers
Connect w/ Pastor

Request  Prayer

SENT: We will be praying for you!

Connect with our Pastor

Pastor Todd Wolfe

172 Ridge Rd.

Pitman Pa. 17964

H: (570) 648 - 7070

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