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It has come to my attention, that over the last few weeks or so, we have had now had a total of 3 cases of Corona Virus now hit some of our attending church family units. Individuals affected immediately went under self quarantine and individual family units seated around them in church have been notified. All this to say, it has now becomes our responsibility as church leaders to notify you as the attending congregation to consider the risk in attending church functions live and in person at Pitman E.C. Church. This is not a time to panic, but it is a time to be cautious and considerate. Pitman E.C. Church will remain open for Worship Services, Sunday school and all other activities… they will resume. But you as an attendee have choices. Hand-sanitizer and Masks are optional and available, church online services is still being held Sunday @ 7:30am, but it is up to you to consider the risk and it is our responsibility as church leaders to let you know those risks. For the record everyone is doing fine and it is my prayer that you continue to be well too.


So Pitman E.C. Church and all its functions will continue and be available to you but in the end it is up to you if you wish to consider attending live at this time. Thanks for reading, thanks for your grace, let not fear rule you, but remain in the peace that is Christ.

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Pitman E.C. Church exists to cultivate an environment of reality where authenticity & transparency encourage people to KNOW Christ, GROW spiritually and SHOW His love to others as we live for His Kingdom.  

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KNOW Christ

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GROW Spiritually




Calendar of Events

St. Paul's E.C. Church

172 Ridge Rd.

Pitman, PA 17964

(570) 648-7070

8:45 Worship

9:50 Sunday School

Zion E.C. Church

247 Zion Church Rd.

Pitman, PA 17964

(570) 648-7070

9:00 Sunday School

10:00 Worship



Pastor Todd & Heather Wolfe


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